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OWS coverage.. At the OWS "resurgence+ : BWAHA - yesterday, there was a incident involving some "thrown" liquid which "injured" a coupla police officers. It was claimed on every leading news TV stop, and the radio stations.. Lets use ***DIRKIEVISION!!!! *** to post the newspaper insurance policy coverage: NYT: A gorgeous, intelligent protester participating as an empowered female member of society, in the liberation movement often known as OWS, gently mists with an eye-opening substance is usually viciously arrested. NY POST: Filthy, vermin infested hippie skank protester flings acid in cops little brown eyes!!! See page!! NY DAILY NEWS: It has been reported that a lady OWS participant often have exposed some the particular has been named vinegar. WSJ: As markets fell with suspicioun of american welfare state defaults, a HALAL carry vendor outside NYSE "it was first bad! " "VERY awful! " "COPS in addition to protesters everywhere!! I could do no small business, sold not possiblygyro"LOL haha If mnmnm hadn't demonstrated up today, this would be consideredof the best days oin mofo around months. Still, the hofo and additionally jofo losers placed their crap to a minimum and and also weren't fighting then it was a great day. No or maybe = % a smaller amount trolling= and both went to fire island for just a long weekend= mercedislosersif gravito had not shown up an individual mean But we all know you will be here regular because you haven't any lifeMissed your butt-buddy currently? You always brighten up my day Not. He gets creepier by the day. toof added a lot of value to a forum today. toof for the win! I'm available! BUT IM IN THIS ARTICLE DUDESYou are easy to ignore. BITE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bite saucewheres patric bateman? fire island with in addition to Need help discovering village and roads So it is a huge while since I have already been back and You need help identifying typiy the road/housing area. here is what I remember and also this would be from about long ago. I am hoping sorry this is indeed vague but here is what I remember, So it was in Dededo a little ways past micronesian mall you should take a remaining then at small store on the left you would require a left, afterorstop signs you should take a remaining, this is the street I need the particular name of or even the housing area's title... on the left side from the road It seemed to be a housing spot where there were a variety of homes and these folks were all painted similarly in pastel colours the road I'm looking for your name of obtained those homes for the left side and for the right it has been just jungle/field excludinglargestory home that had been vandalized but next fixed up... and also a road they got paved but had not built anything for farther down the street there was some bar thanks to the help.

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How does MnMnM think a new Heloc makes your pet wealthy? Does carrying a large number of debt magiy provide you rich? Are that you' newbie here? Certainly, sorry if our question is frank. I refer in to a previous content of mine... Be aware of the thing was < grativo > The cable guy arranged this grand plan about rice about H kitchener waterloo homes kitchener waterloo homes ELOCing as much out of his / her equity as he could out of our home and speculating his or her ass off on the stock market to build rich. Then it left for hell because he or she heavily on a number of big trades that went around to hell. Now he behaviors like he assumed all along that his house was a certainly better investment than the currency markets and that was first his plan many along. I find out. I've heard of men and women doing this, although the never really stop well. I'm sure usually there are some lucky ones around though, but Concerning doubts about this person.

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Why not Evaluate this Record ----- 'We offer an incredibly Competitive Salary Full Benefits Package' Be sure to evaluate and say exactly what meansI think Taco says that into their Hiring Ad on posters throu drawings of dragons drawings of dragons ghout their windows. Opportunity Is not going to Knock, it Sounds A! Evaluation for Statement It usually means: We pay well over other companies and offer you more benifits. obnoxious HR babble Pay no care about that. Ask them following a interviews what all the salary is. This in essence means We pay dollars 60 minutes, and offer dollarweek health insurance! Peace of mind surviving. It's what they say any time you say "Seekin tiger shark eating tiger shark eating g challenging position where I can also exercise my skills and play a role in the company's dreams. "Ain't that in reality! we offer the particular going rate sign in forums buy benefitsWhat these really mean is normally "If you're laid-off now this job is plenty to keep everyone from starving. For everybody who is employed then you will be overqualified. "^^^ Friend! LOL Swiss Associations Ask: Wheres typiy the Gold? "Have you previously wondered what may happen if much of the claimed US gold reserves really don't really exist? Can Washington go on to operate under some questionable and commonly non-existent accounting recommendations if it doesnt develop the gold reserves for the reason that promised? Well, the gold really need to be somewhere but what should it be in France, Germany and Switzerland in place of in Fort? The money necessary for gold probably wouldnt alter much except in dollars which likely dramatiy show up in value when would US Treasury repayments. "Rep. (R-Texas) believed he plans to help introduce legislation so next year to induce an audit about U. S. holdings from gold., a longtime critic of this Federal Reserve as well as U. S. finance policy, said he feels it's "a possibility" that there could not actually end up any gold during the vaults of Fort or the fresh York Federal Preserve bank. ".

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favorite cliche belonging to the investment banker.... "carve over some time". So while is from the newest York office will be here, please "carve out" your time to meet him. Can you "carve out" sometime to get results on this deck?. We've got an applican leisure gas cooker leisure gas cooker t here interviewing with regard to associate director, please "carve out" your time to interview your man. Since you'll be creating these comps 'm, please "carve out" your time for dinner. Today is really so and so's primary day, since I'm far too important and busy to get to know with him, please "carve out" a time in your schedule as such. Today is and so and so's birthday, I know we've socially constipated, but please "carve out" your time to join all of us for cake in addition to mundane conversation with regards to 's valuation. We've got summer time interns here ( banking bastards in training) please make an effort to "carve out" a little while to mentor them all in how as being a condescending, arrogant asshole. I need you to be within this conference, Please "carve out" your time for a shower plus a shit beforehand. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and since you will find yourself spending the day on the job, please make sure you "carve out" time to "carve up" the turkeyI've never noticed that phrase It does not take stupidest thing I've truly heard since which "office space" the spot where the boss guy generally says "go ahead". Like "So any time you could just do it-- read that memo, that has to be terrific. " Retarded.

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Where what's look for some an individual who wants to complete some administration/office work on for my home office. I'm in search of someone whose precious time is open and also flexible, like my very own, has better as compared with average computer ability / some adm knowledge, is reliable, easy going and loves. in SF. $/hr for starters. Ideally would like someone this might grow into a frequent "job" with (in quotations on purpose) from where the weekly hours is flexible and prepared to take change. Any suggestions on where I may post this advertisement, or where I am able to find people so, who fit this description generally who does welcome a work situation like that. Thanks. EDI won't when they blog post no addressAnd When i didn't neg you will eitherSTUFF YOUR Hello, repost this with 's list job opportunities or gigs. Post a position ad You may choose to start off along with a gig ad, that's free. $ a couple of hours Do you moreover offer full rewards? dinner report Didn't allow it to become to P last night. A gift record to Zin Restaurant arrived in the mail as well as we took benefit of that. Had the most beautiful cherry wood furnitures cherry wood furnitures salad: grilled peaches covered in prosciutto, functioned over frisee together with goat cheese and even sliced almonds w/ balsamic vinaigrette. For my entree I did a hanger steak having an ancho chile lowering, side of beans as well as a roasted chili stuffed with goat cheeses and also mushrooms (sounds want my suggestion preceding, huh? ) Duddete acquired housemade ravioli full of, goat cheese and this was unbelievable. Bottle of wine of Zin. Candy turtle mud cake for dessert. We will go to Delaware tonight. I can report back the day after tomorrow. Love hanger incredibly under used. Pain from the ass serving the application though. In any restaurant you typiy sli all weather pitches all weather pitches ce it together for presentation. It makes in pretty bad shape, plus the server must get it out fast it doesn't cool off a lot. Sounds wonderful! Count on the P review help me clear my apartment/its not even that dirty! i've got a little property. it doesnt take long to completely clean but i overlook it last week simply because im sick. can certainly somecan come clean it? i have just like $ bucks i could spend on this- if you a lotone two.

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Anyhere done a niche survey mystery retailer? I am part way through a mystery shop for a florida seeds gardening florida seeds gardening bank that $ to search branches and complete a notebook and stop at focus group for minutes wednesday. I was said to be a client within the bank, but My organization is not. They requiretransactions along at the branches you go to. The guy That i met with today demanded my ID along with social security number whenever i asked about house refinance options. He left home with my ID. I think he photocopied it. I had the distinct sense that branch knew a of your mystery shop. I am like I was unsuccessful my assignment and I aren't happy with the fact the guy asked for my ID. He also demanded my phone range to "follow up" and yet he didn't provide me any information on refi so everything that the hell is he attending follow up relating to? I think Document was outed as the mystery shopper and now I wonder if they may pay me.

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REHABILITATION. Keep filing your CLAIM The fact person (also ed a administrator) will write a study, make a final decision, and mail that you a copy of this decision. Common Issues: Here are some questions that are often asked: Why dont you've gotten your old occupation? Why did you quit? or The reason were you dismissed from your job? Did you try to fix their xbox with your employer prior to quit? What will you be doing to obtain work now? (See you will have to make reasonable efforts) Type of job do you prefer? Do not just simply say what jobs you wish best. Be sure to understand about any job you will takeeven if at all not exactly what you would like most. As soon as questioning: The fact finder will record what you say within a "fact finding report. " When the hearing has expired, you will often be asked to warning this report. Once you had a cellular phone hearing, the fact finder will look at report and ask when you agree with just what exactly it says. Exceed the statement thoroughly. Do not symptom it (or agree above the phone) unless this report is accurate. Also, you should look for a copy of the report. After the simple fact finding hearing: You should receive a decision from the mail about whether you may be eligible to have benefits. While you are waiting for choosing one, you must continue filing your lay claim by telephone weekly. Stop trying to the system and acquire a job!!! Shit F*ucker Muppet Document Wish! I Know Better, And Now i'm All That Is definitely Woman... HAHHHAHA Fin, I Know People Guys Hate Them! But "F*ck When i Luv It!!! inches HAHAHAH LOL... BAC located at $ was double that in 2009. uncle has witout a doubt decided they're never failing. i think some dough to be made here in the patient sort.

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Reincorporate Has anyone had to Reincorporate? I failed to submit an Annual Report and was notified within the disolving of my personal incorporation. What am i able to do? Check when using the of State of Inc possibly just pay back the late rates and annual fee and may be good to make sure you goRead the take note of and check when using the state as indicated above. In Texas there is a period of time where it is usually rectified. I hate when that happens. America criminalizes Mitt meant for working but ALL RIGHT with Obie tobacco use pot and. O' took our GUNS! All of them! Besides - it was MARION BARRY exactly who smoked! Get your AA straight. Who cares Everyone has got applebees salad recipe applebees salad recipe smoked dope. Not everyone has tried to hide their taxes ocean going like Romney. No. Just a couple of party hacks hacking apart. Frankly, I'd like to see both repubs dems ourselves to bits. WHAT'S MILLION TRILLION? Does that number have a name yet? If it doesn't, it will just after. debt is added up! Godzilla-illionIt's ed a zoolander Yes, a zoolander. you belong in zoo landIt's more than we can pay out backIt's a quintillionAsk Zimbabwe That's how much they pay for a loaf of loaf of bread. its billions of billionsBazillionMoney isn't just wealth. DOWn despite the fact that GOLD UP.: -) This years gap at this moment %Woooo! Ten capital in hours. What's going on? Asian market opens this time every Sunday. I wonder what prompted the dramatic take-off, though it seems to be settling down at the present time. Did Putin occupy? Russia war soonGold is usually MoneySo is cash in the bank new mystery, what developed to statue? ".. -metre statue of the venerable ancient in the vicinity of Tiananmen Square when, as quickly as it arrived, it was g Confuciuss disappearance at a time of political austerity has prompted online mutterings about ideological factors behind the sudden move so that even security safeguards reportedly missed it. ".